The Making of Nuts

Audio Engineer Tom Volpicelli and AZooNY's Rich Rinehart

Nuts was crafted over a multi-year span of mostly late-night recording and producing sessions. It was recorded at RineStock Studios, Rich Rinehart's project studio in Cleveland Ohio. "Everything is all a bit Nuts if you think about things for too long", states Rich.

The Nuts project was a long time in the making. "Almost all of the songs were written using my trusty Taylor 514 cutaway acoustic guitar." explains Rich. "My singing style and acoustic guitar playing is rather loud and bold with my heavy hitting style of acoustic playing. I basically like to make a lot of noise."

An audio session at Bob
Katz's Digital Domain Studio

On the technical production side, most of the recorded audio like vocals went through a Millennia Orion STT-1 tube preamp processor. Tube microphones were used as well with even more tube warmth provided by an Anthony DeMaria tube compressor. Song production was handled by Cakewalk's Sonar with a very large selection of audio plug-ins.

Special call out to visual artist Eric Mindek who designed the graphics for Nuts. "When Rich approached me with the nuts graffiti theme, I was excited to work on such an innovative idea. Sure I thought it was 'nutty' to try to blend graffiti and nuts, but I think the final artwork is an original blend of the two." Eric adds "All of the nuts you see on the artwork are actually the same base nut rotated and scaled. It took the computer almost 30 minutes to render all of the nuts that you see on the inside CD cover."

If you listen closely you'll hear a banjo on A Traveler. Anything-with-strings specialist Tim Beach stopped by and laid down the banjo for the track. Tim can also be heard as part of the crowd near the end of When I'm Alone.

The lead guitar in You Can't Find It was originally played by Dan Edwards, who co-wrote the tune. "Dan's schedule didn't allow for him to record the lead, so I had to learn it." notes Rich. "Playing the lead on it was a hoot. I'm more at home at vocals though, so I'll likely leave the leads to others in the future".

Be sure to check out the videos at YouTube. More of everything on the way, Thanks for checking AZooNY out.