You Can't Find It

Night falling down, had a day long dream
Looking for a love, that won't wring you clean
Find something fast, something quick for the take
Anything goes when a love is at stake

Ghost EMF Detector
Searching with EMF Detector
Paint Spray Vessel
In Spray Chamber
Science Education for the Masses
Got Science?




When, you look, for something
You feel, it all around
When, you think, there's something
But you don’t hear a sound

     Cause you can’t find it
     Any which way you go
     You can’t find it
     Any which way you go

Space Propulsion Facility Control Room
NASA Control Room
Ames Arc Jet Facility
Arc Jet Control Panel
Acoustical Test Chamber
Plum Brook SPF Acoustic Chamber


You love a big game, play a handful of cards
A game of night poker, knowing ever hand is hard
Maybe find a dealer that will make it alright
Maybe find a player who will stay for the night

Colored Electrical Extension Cords
Why all these extension cords?
Artistic Network Cables
Back of Networking racks
NUTS Phone In Dryer
You did look in the dryer, right?