A Traveler

A traveled old man, came up to me from behind
I noticed you weren't impressed, but he said that was fine
and I said‑‑ What is that you say
and I said‑‑ Do you really think that it may

Smoke Stack Pollution
Pollution scene from the music video
Passing secrets
Environmental Pollution Colored
Environmental Pollution Colored

He walked with me, but didn't say another word
But through his silent stare, our destiny was heard
and I said‑‑ Can there be another way
and I said‑‑ Will this happen all today

He took me to some high ground, wind rushing through my hair
And pointed to the distance, through the mist to everywhere
and he said‑‑ it all used to look this way
and he said‑‑ until the people had their say

Artist AZooNY
AZooNY !
multiple heads
Heads in Black and White
Many Artist AZooNY's
Many AZooNY's!

Now I walk in silence, absorbing what's around
Cause before we all know it, it could vanish to the ground
and I say‑‑ There's got to be a way
and I say‑‑ To save it all today