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Art glass mosaic plate
Artist: Katy Kafantaris
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accessories, animals, astrophotography, beads, bears, birds, blown, bowls, bracelets, casts, cats, cities, clothing, clusters, commercial, costume, cows, crafts, dogs, dolphins, ducks, earrings, educational, europe, fantasy, galaxies, gemstones, gold, handcrafted, hangings, horses, jazz, metals, miniatures, mobiles, nature, nebula, necklace, novel, ocean, other, parks, pendant, people, pins, places, planets, plaques, plates, platters, poetry, portrait, rings, rock, shorts, silver, slumped, stained, suncatchers, symphonic, things, trains, vases, whimsical, wildlife, windchimes, windows, wolves

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ceramic, collage, digital, drawing, glasswork, jewelry, monotype, music, painting, pottery, photography, sculpture, textiles, words, woodworking

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