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Dawn in the Cave
Artist: gunter schwegler
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by Claudio Parentela
PAINTING213:.Photos,Ink,Paper,Oils on Wood-Size:72cm x 85 cm-Year:2007-Untitled-Price:1000EURO/1000 U.S.D.
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painting > fantasy

Fairy Fishing
by Toperfect Art Gallery
His painting is innocent depicting the dreaming world of fairies.
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painting > fantasy

Old man on old cycle
by Libra Art Gallery
The artistís love of color, shape, and texture all combine in unexpected forms of fantasy.
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painting > fantasy

by Timifeeva Nataliya Timofeeva Nataliya
-More on Koluchki   -More on Artist
drawing > fantasy

Enigma 2
by Suthirak Chantragun
Abstract oil on Canvas
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painting > fantasy

by Libra Art Gallery
Most of my painting is now done in the studio, but I spend much time observing and absorbing the world around me. My daily walks, my Association with other people, th...(more)
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painting > fantasy

Sea Dream in Yellow
by Suthirak Chantragun
Abstract oil on Canvas
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painting > fantasy

Dawn in the Cave
by gunter schwegler
Framed painting on silk. Resist technique using permanent fabric dyes.
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drawing > fantasy

Transport Baseship
by Brandon Keys
A Science Fiction concept design and future spacecraft design for future flight and a majore movie and film production concept and idea. High qulity scaned copies of ...(more)
-More on Transport Baseship   -More on Artist
drawing > fantasy

Night Hawk
by Nirider
Acrylic on canvas native american Micmac heiroglyphics
-More on Night Hawk   -More on Artist
painting > fantasy

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