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Portrait of a Fisherman
by Nikolay Paramonov
Media:Illustration board, oil
Size:50.00 x 70.00 cm / 20 x 28 in

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free spirts
aboriginal images repersenting strenght,501 larsen winnipeg manitoba,canada
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painting > other

by mircolasso
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terre de feu
by Marchant Colette FrenchArt
abstract painting, oil on canvas, 2005
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How Pearls Came to the Earth
by Cheryl Cook
watercolor/oil pastel/colored pencils
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painting > other

by maximin lida
Category: Contemporary Painting (Limited Edition)
Specification: Oil on canvas
Certificate : Yes with Serial Number Enregistered
Additional Info:...(more)

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I See You
by Nicholas Ashford
abstract/modern art
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painting > other

by Olga Sugden
Oil on Canvas
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painting > other

Mon Ange
by Christelle Romulus
Original Christelle Romulus pastel
-More on Mon Ange   -More on Artist
painting > other

by Nikolay Paramonov
Media:Illustration board, oil
Size:70.00 x 50.00 cm / 28 x 20 in

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painting > other

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