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Sirius Modernus
by Susan Mathias
Dog Statue (fiberglass) painted for the St. Clair Development Group of Cleveland, Ohio.
- On May 23, 2006 Cleveland was formally introduced to the Year of th...(more)

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by Flamingo Fanny Mosaics
Kalli is a mosaic piece that was created for "Kaleidoscope of the Arts". Materials were plaster gauze, stained glass and beading for the eyes.
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Arabian Model Horse Persuasion
by Deborah McDermott
A Traditional Scale Model Arabian Horse sculpted by Deborah McDermott. Shown painted by E:Mc2 Pamala Hutton and Carol Floyd.


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sculpture > other

by Flamingo Fanny Mosaics
Awareness was created as a tribute to those that are breast cancer patients, survivors and to those that lost their fight to this disease. It's reminder to all o...(more)
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