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Milkweeds in Winter
by Joyce Bolte

I find the beauty of nature everywhere and at any time of the year. I came across the subject matter for this painting while riding my bike on a country road near my home.

In this original watercolor of dried milkweed pods I wanted to maintain an austere feeling and accentuate the dry, rigid stems of the pods through the use of strong vertical lines. Within these intricate lines are myriads of negative, abstract shapes that bring forth the pattern of the stems and leaves. As a relief to the dominate, vertical feeling, I situated the pods at diagonal and horizontal angles. The placement of the pods also serves to direct your eye through the painting. To further soften the strong lines and for a bit of contrast I added the wispy, silken seeds just starting to burst forth from the pods. I intentionally limited my palette to just a few colors in order to maintain an almost monochromatic feeling in keeping with the somber mood of the season.
(size: 24.5H 14.5W in)
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