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Dungeness Crab Legs
by Jon Shaw

This is an oil on panel painting of the legs of a discarded Dungeness crab carapace.

This is from a body of work that consists of painted images of the discarded remnants of crabs and lobsters that I gather from local restaurants.

It is the act of consumption that reveals a new presence in these creatures, showcasing new colours, textures and shapes. The internal carapace has hidden wonders, a whole new level of artistic exploration not visible from the outside - valleys, caves, caverns and layers. These are only revealed after the creature has been cooked, served and the meat removed and eaten.

This process of conscious destruction results in unique configurations and arrangements that are fascinating and ironically beautiful.

This painting is created on primed masonite panel. It is 10" high, 8" wide and 1/16" deep. The standard size of this work means it will fit a large selection of frames. This painting is shipped unframed. This painting is signed.

(size: 10H 8W 1/16D in   weight: 0.5 lb))
Artist web address: www.jonshawpaintings.com
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