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Orange Pepper 2
by Jon Shaw

This is an oil on panel painting of the remnant scraps from an orange pepper.

This body of work consists of painted images of the internal components of various coloured peppers.

I find the internal-external relationship intriguing. I am particularly attracted to peppers, for their interesting shapes and bright colours. The varying textures that are revealed once the pepper is cut open or torn apart is a satisfying contrast. The smooth, waxy external surface is contrasted by the deep, cavernous richness of the feathery, pulpy interior.

This painting is created on primed masonite panel. It is 8" high, 10" wide and 1/16" deep. The standard size of this work means it will fit a large selection of frames. This painting is shipped unframed. This painting is signed.

(size: 8H 10W 1/16D in   weight: 0.5 lb))
Artist web address: www.jonshawpaintings.com
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