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7th Dimension
Artist: Stacey Sulikowski
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DrayeArt Website
by Joseph Draye

Visit DrayeArt at http://www.freewebs.com/drayeart/ for more details.

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digital > commercial

Cross Stitching Art
by Cross Stitching Art
Cross Stitching Art is the gift hunterís delight with a wide array of designs from the original artworks of very talented artists. Original digital illustrations and ...(more)
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Baby in Target
by Stacey Sulikowski
Email advertisement in response to sniper shootings and Amber Alert victims of late. Baby in Target markets a home, clandestine, video surveillance camera. The baby s...(more)
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digital > commercial

GE Lighting AD
by Susan Mathias
"Shelf Tag" done for GE Lighting for Home Depot.
(one of a series)

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digital > commercial

7th Dimension
by Stacey Sulikowski
Corporate Logo for technology firm. 7th dimension needed to have a unique branding feel while promoting a corporate and professional presence. Because dimension is pa...(more)
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digital > commercial

Great Idea!
by Stacey Sulikowski
The security camera disguised as a light bulb happens to be a great idea. It's so easy to install, even this ol' geezer can do it! The caption "This bu...(more)
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digital > commercial

TBCC logo
by Katy Kafantaris
Logo for TBCC RTA project at NASA Glenn Research Center.
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digital > commercial

Sherwin-Williams AD
by Susan Mathias
AD done for Sherwin-Williams. Appeared in the NEC World Series of Golf magazine. AD was done in QuarkXpress, utilizing Photoshop. I came up with concept, including...(more)
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digital > commercial

The Clone Shopping Network
by Tom Miller
A novel by Tom W. Miller. The CEO of an illicit cloning company needs the help of Abraham Lincoln's dope-smoking clone to rejuvenate his business.
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other > commercial

United We Stand
by Stacey Sulikowski
This t-shirt design was commissioned by a St. Petersburg Technology Firm in response to the attack on America, September 11, 2001. The company purchased two shirts pe...(more)
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