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Ral Partha Unicorn
Artist: George Harpster
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Reaper Green Dragon
by George Harpster
Pewter figure produced by Reaper Miniatures. Assembly and painting required. Painted for a woman who wanted a "knight and a dragon" for Christmas 2001. The ...(more)
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painting > miniatures

Ral Partha Unicorn
by George Harpster
My niece, Jenny, chose the color scheme for a unicorn that I painted for her. I liked it so I painted the same color scheme on this unicorn. Thanks, Jenny! Ral Partha...(more)
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painting > miniatures

Reaper Pegasus
by George Harpster
Produced by Reaper Miniatures (2065). Assembled and painted by me.
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painting > miniatures

Ral Partha Dracoliche
by George Harpster
Pewter miniature produced by Ral Partha Miniatures (01-505). Assembled and painted by me. I won a local painting contest with this piece.
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painting > miniatures

by barbara sakowski
Brenna, Brigitte, Boadicea, Brielle, Brittania, Bianca
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painting > miniatures

For Megan
by George Harpster
A Ral Partha figure (11-100) painted in colors chosen by my daughter, Megan. Yes, Barbara, miniatures can show well on this site!
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painting > miniatures

George, the Paladin
by George Harpster
This is my first painted figure (1987?), painted for my first Dungeons & Dragons character, George, the paladin. Hey, I'd never done it before and just could...(more)
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painting > miniatures

Grenadier White Dragon
by George Harpster
Produced by Grenadier Models (9603). Assembled and painted by me.
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painting > miniatures

Warzone Heretic Conversion
by George Harpster
Figure produced for the Warzone game (9665b). Modified to remove a pistol and instead inserted a wand. Painting this figure got me 15 seconds of fame when the TV movi...(more)
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painting > miniatures


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