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Art glass mosaic plate
Artist: Katy Kafantaris
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Soviet Congress
by Anatoliy Lobko
Media:Canvas, oil
Size:60.00 x 60.00 cm / 24 x 24 in

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painting > other

Belair Gasser
by Mike Hot Rod Mikes
Original Print Signed by the Artist
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drawing > other

Blue Angel
by Nirider
Acrylic painting on canvas-native american Micmac symbols
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painting > other

Songdew - Discover New Music
by Chinmayi Tripathi
Songdew is a social networking portal dedicated to connect music enthusiasts and voracious music creators. This fast growing platform is apt for music admirers to fin...(more)
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music > other

by Baby Monkey Stuff
This is the head of a large litho that I am working on this is drawn on paper scaned into Photoshop and colored in Photoshop. This has a long way to go but it is fun ...(more)
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drawing > other

Love 2
by Diego Manuel
"Love 2", acrylic on canvas, 100 x 80 cm
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painting > other

Dragon-fly II
by Sergey Kryshtapovich
Oil on canvas
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painting > animals > other

stay with me
by Maryam Javanbakht
In spring I am coming near you
water color and ink

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painting > other

Sirius Modernus
by Susan Mathias
Dog Statue (fiberglass) painted for the St. Clair Development Group of Cleveland, Ohio.
- On May 23, 2006 Cleveland was formally introduced to the Year of th...(more)

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sculpture > other

Dungeness Crab Legs
by Jon Shaw
This is an oil on panel painting of the legs of a discarded Dungeness crab carapace.

This is from a body of work that consists of painted images of the...(more)

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painting > things > other

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