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Art glass mosaic plate
Artist: Katy Kafantaris
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by maximin lida
Category: Contemporary Painting (Limited Edition)
Specification: Oil on canvas
Certificate : Yes with Serial Number Enregistered
Additional Info:...(more)

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painting > other

A golden sun
by Adib Fattal
My site is made up of two subject matters, which are villages and cities. The majority of these cities and villages are inspired by middle-eastern architecture. My vi...(more)
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painting > other

by Adib Fattal
My site is made up of two subject matters, which are villages and cities.
The majority of these cities and villages are inspir...(more)

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painting > other

by Kaffbags
A fantastically fluffy red bag, great with denim for daytime or dress it up for a showstopper night out. This bag has a silver side clasp handle with a detachable cha...(more)
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textiles > other

Pigeons Come To Eat
by muller jeanfrancois
Pigeons Come To EatThis house is in a town with a house in the middle of it, and the people there have passion for pigeons and love to feed them and keep them safe.more)
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painting > other

Knocking on Heavens door
by alfora
One of a few pieces done in 2002 based on song titles - a rare theme for me and a departure form my ususual landsape, architecture or historical themes.
-More on Knocking on Heavens door   -More on Artist
painting > other

by Olga Sugden
Oil on Canvas
-More on Tree-hugger   -More on Artist
painting > other

7 out of 10
by John Tovell
7 out of 10
-More on 7 out of 10   -More on Artist
painting > other

by Sergey Kryshtapovich
Oil on canvas.
-More on Dragon-fly   -More on Artist
painting > animals > other

by Mikhail Arzhanov
Media:Illustration board, oilSize:32.00 x 22.00 cm / 12.8 x 8.8 in
-More on Evening   -More on Artist
painting > other

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