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Art glass mosaic plate
Artist: Katy Kafantaris
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by Sergey Kryshtapovich
Oil on canvas.
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painting > animals > other

Tulips On Reflections
by Roy Davis
Glass art on mirror signed visit my web site

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glasswork > other

by Mikhail Arzhanov
Media:Illustration board, oilSize:32.00 x 22.00 cm / 12.8 x 8.8 in
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painting > other

terre de feu
by Marchant Colette FrenchArt
abstract painting, oil on canvas, 2005
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painting > other

by Indigo Arts
I have over 15 ornaments in my collection, all glazed similarly with different colors of glass depending on the shape. The glaze on the textured part of the clay tur...(more)
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ceramic > other

by Flamingo Fanny Mosaics
Awareness was created as a tribute to those that are breast cancer patients, survivors and to those that lost their fight to this disease. It's reminder to all o...(more)
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sculpture > other

by Val Bishop
A collection of contemporary paintings capturing the core of human existence, entitled “Dreams and Meditations” is a collection of contemporary art for a conscious wo...(more)
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painting > other

La Purisima Concepcion
by Jo Mari Montesa
Most of his paintings are influenced by the rich culture and tradition in the Philippines. For example his series of Immaculate Concepcion oil paintings are inspired ...(more)
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painting > other

Songdew - Discover New Music
by Chinmayi Tripathi
Songdew is a social networking portal dedicated to connect music enthusiasts and voracious music creators. This fast growing platform is apt for music admirers to fin...(more)
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music > other

Swimming with the Fishes
by Alexandra Orton

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painting > other

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