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Orange Sun Platter
Artist: Lisa Madden
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Orange Sun Platter
by Lisa Madden
Bright orange stylized sun platter. Majolica glaze over shiny black base glaze. Etched surface. Not food safe.
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pottery > platters

Small Multi-colored dish
by Lisa Madden
Small dish majolica glazed to resemble a stained glass piece. Etched and Aroya glaze over black. Not food safe.
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pottery > platters

Tree of life tile murals
by Hagop Karakashian
Hand painted Tree of life tile murals
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ceramic > platters

Oval Sun Plate
by Lisa Madden
small oval hand painted plate with a smiling sun. Painted in commercial underglazes and overglazed in a clear shiny finish. Food safe.
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pottery > platters


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