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Art glass mosaic plate
Artist: Katy Kafantaris
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window hanging
by ria bailey
original handcrafted window art, circles of glass combined to create a spectrum of colour, hung from driftwood with clear crystal beads, which create rainbows in t...(more)
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glasswork > other

Tulips On Reflections
by Roy Davis
Glass art on mirror signed visit my web site

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glasswork > other

Art glass mosaic plate
by Katy Kafantaris
This piece was created and donated for the "Step Up to the Plate" Greater Cleveland Hunger Campaign charity auction. Dragonfly design with handmade art glas...(more)
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glasswork > other

by ria bailey
handcrafted , original design, using textured glass combined with smooth art glass and jewells, this window hanging`s beauty is in the combination of natural mate...(more)
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glasswork > other


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