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by John Tovell
-More on Energy   -More on Artist
painting > other

by ashar
A time of dragonflies humming and wildflowers splashing their colours along the bank, warm and quite refuelling the imagination
mixed media on canvas, abstract...(more)

-More on summertime   -More on Artist
painting > other

terre de feu
by Marchant Colette FrenchArt
abstract painting, oil on canvas, 2005
-More on terre de feu   -More on Artist
painting > other

by Ali Alkafri
New Artwork
-More on 1   -More on Artist
painting > other

Urban Dusk
by jack mcdaniel
Mixed Media on Paper.
-More on Urban Dusk   -More on Artist
painting > other

by Anna Filimonova
acrylic on canvas
-More on 3   -More on Artist
painting > other

atelier Felix Anaut
Art Studio Felix Anaut

-More on atelier Felix Anaut   -More on Artist
painting > other

Blue Angel
by Nirider
Acrylic painting on canvas-native american Micmac symbols
-More on Blue Angel   -More on Artist
painting > other

A Fiery Calm
by Debra Kozak
Hot colors define a quiet pastel still-life.
-More on A Fiery Calm   -More on Artist
painting > other

by Charles Griffith
A dramatic rendering of the death of Christ.
-More on Crucifixion   -More on Artist
painting > other

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