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by maximin lida
Category: Contemporary Painting (Limited Edition)
Specification: Oil on canvas
Certificate : Yes with Serial Number Enregistered
Additional Info:...(more)

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painting > other

by Diego Manuel
"Amor", acrylic on canvas, 100 x 70 cm
-More on Amor   -More on Artist
painting > other

Knocking on Heavens door
by alfora
One of a few pieces done in 2002 based on song titles - a rare theme for me and a departure form my ususual landsape, architecture or historical themes.
-More on Knocking on Heavens door   -More on Artist
painting > other

by Charles Griffith
A dramatic rendering of the death of Christ.
-More on Crucifixion   -More on Artist
painting > other

by Mikhail Arzhanov
Media:Illustration board, oilSize:32.00 x 22.00 cm / 12.8 x 8.8 in
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painting > other

A parachute jump
by Adib Fattal
My site is made up of two subject matters, which are villages and cities. The majority of these cities and villages are inspired by middle-eastern architecture. My vi...(more)
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painting > other

Galaxy II
by Bob Bob L Cauleys Art Gallery
This is an original abstract oil on canvas. It is gallery wrapped with painted sides. There are no staples on the sides and it is ready to hang. it measures 30"x...(more)
-More on Galaxy II   -More on Artist
painting > other

by Adib Fattal
My site is made up of two subject matters, which are villages and cities.
The majority of these cities and villages are inspir...(more)

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painting > other

by Scott Pynn
One of the many twisted things that swim around my mind.
-More on Fish   -More on Artist
painting > other

Desert Gems
by Nirider
Acrylic on canvas native american micmac heiroglyphics
-More on Desert Gems   -More on Artist
painting > other

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