The AZooNY Band

Love‑‑  I can see it in your eyes
But else where it’s in disguise
I’ve seen how it goes, and I know what’s for real

Love’s‑‑ Come a long way for me
I know what I need, caus’ it’s always the same

Hate‑‑ I can hate the hand of fate
But somewhere among the many dreams
It seems reality, has had it’s way

A date‑ which, can not be defined
Or at least our interactions
Will violate the rules, in our minds

Love‑‑ exists singularity
I’ll tell you what I need,
To fend off the madness, inside

Love‑‑ has captured here for me
Or a captive I might be,
To the cravings in the soul, of myself

copyright © Back To the Beat Music