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What to Look for When Visiting Alaska

Alaskan Brown Bear




cold weather hats





Log Cabins

Cabins made of Wood




Northern Territories Black Bear





Alaska Railroad






Fur Hats on a Rack


Land Rover with a Wrench

Redneck Trucks






Chinhook Salmon





And of course


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Grizzly Bear

Alaska: the 49th USA state purchased from Russia April 16th, 1867.  It's very large, well actually it's the largest US state in terms of land area.  It's also one of the least populated probably because, well... IT'S COLD!!  Temperatures vary greatly reaching into the 80's Fahrenheit around Fairbanks to dipping below -60 degrees Fahrenheit in the same area in the winter.  It also can be very light or very dark, depending on the season, with near perpetual daylight in summer and near perpetual nighttime during the winter.  A great place to always have a hat handy:-)

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