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In Cleveland...

Cleveland Flats Waterfront
Cleveland Flats on a misty summer day.  Colours are cool.  Especially buildings painted firehouse yellow/gold.  It works here wouldn't you say, to break up the day?

Cleveland Lakefront Harbor
Most folks don't realize that the USA has a north coast.  Well here it is, Cleveland's north facing waterfront aimed directly at Canada.  Note the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame as the slanted building as seen above the sail boat's bow.  Old wealth in this town.  Once one of America's greatest cities in size.  Coming back now and we are very glad to be an AZooNY part of it.



trolley car to tower city
A proposed trolley museum on the downtown waterfront rapid transit line is in the works.  Well it works for us.  Hope the old time conductor is included.

Cleveland is close to a major wine producing region. Here's a tourist type map for the wineries in the Lake Erie Quality Wine Alliance.

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Another cool addition for the people of northeast Ohio, is the new downtown Wendy Park.


   On to the Arts...

Cleveland Museum of Art
One of the top FREE art museums in the States, the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Due for a major expansion too, as if it's monsterous size isn't enough already.  Well endowed, lots of art, built to last.



Cleveland Orchestra Severance Hall
New usher training at the Cleveland Orchestra's Severance Hall?

Cleveland Trust Rotunda owned by Jacob
One of the seven wonders of Cleveland is the now vacant Cleveland Trust "rotunda" building.  Right smack downtown, this could be a gem of a visual arts museum but it's owned by a very powerful (and local) developer (Jacobs Group).  Perhaps they will do something noteworthy with it for the good of the community some day.



Art in Cleveland
MTV for the Rock Hall...

For more Cleveland sites, sounds, arts, and hospitality, see ClevelandWise.com

Cleveland Trust
The old Cleveland Trust rotuntra ceiling


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