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Columbia River Gorge

Womens Forum Vista
The view from Women's Forum vista site. We have the big guns here. The fog doesn't seem to care though as it meanders through the valley at will.



A favorite destination when in the Portland area is the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Only 20 minutes or so outside of Portland, the Historic Columbia River Highway road hugs the base of the gorge and takes you past many spectacular waterfalls and vistas.


Multinoma Falls - Columbia Gorge My, my we have our waterfalls here. This one is the upper portion of Multinoma Falls. This waterfall is the second tallest one in the USA at 620 feet.


behind pony tail falls
Sometimes you can get to the other side of a waterfall like at Ponytail Falls. Is this a paradox? Which side is the other? It's kind of like finding the end of a rainbow (only wetter).



Do Not Enter Area Closed to Foot Traffice
We like "wack-a-doodle" signs. Perhaps the area will open to foot traffic when the 500 foot cliff fills in:-)





Here's another good sign. Of course there is not a log jam, nor even a log, in sight:-). We guess there could be though and judging by the graphics on the sign it looks pretty dangerous. Danger!  Log Jam!



Columbia River - Union Pacific Railroad Tracks
Union Pacific trains zip though the area quite frequently.



Moss grows heavy
"Moss grows fat on a rolling stone". Okay well the moss will grow on practically anything and everything around here.

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PonyTail Falls hike vista
A photo shot from the Ponytail Falls access trail. You can hike up the gorge in many different spots. Be prepared for a mildly strenuous hike though, full of switchbacks with 500+ feet of elevation climb. A highly recommended area to explore though!

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