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Denver Capital with Moon
Denver Capital with Trees and Moon

Denver Colorado


A Rocky Mountain High






Big Guns

Western States know how to protect their Republics. Big guns.
Devner Capital guns


Devner 16th Street Mall Denver's 16th Street Mall walk. Every city should have something like this. Art, food, shops, how could anyone go wrong?





The Denver Millennium Bridge sits at the edge of the 16th Street Mall area. It's visually very inviting, as you are lured to see what it is and where it goes when you reach the end of 16th Street. Well it's a cool and very white:-) cable-stay bridge over train tracks. From near the train station it drops you off in the Highland neighborhood, next to the Commons Park along the Platte River. What a great place to explore! Most visitors to Denver probably miss this area.



Denver Millennium Bridge to Highland Neighborhood



Denver Urban Waterways Trails

What a cool downtown system of hiking and biking trails.

Downtown Denver Waterway
It took a couple of visits to Denver before discovering these hike/bike trails.



Denver Confluence



Denver Platte River



All the stories you hear are true. They do have a peeping bear problem here.

Denver Convention Center






Denver Performing Arts Comples - DPAC
Denver's Performing Arts Complex (DPAC) really rocks. Wow, a very inviting space to hang out. Pseudo open air in the open space too, which is way cool. Not too many cities could pull this type of open air venue off due to weather concerns .



Denver Union Station   Union Pacific through fence
Denver is very much a railroading kind of town. Too bad the snow train stopped running up the mountains. With all the "green" talk these days, perhaps passenger rail service may return to it's glory over at Union Station.



Fancy Cars

Denver Larimer Square Historic District

Larimer Square Historic District

What a great way to delineate a happening District, draping strands of lights across the road. Why don't more cities do this? During the holidays is saves on decoration installation costs:-).



Contact Lenses

Lost Contact Lens
I hate it when you loose a contact in a water fountain:-).

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