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Glacier Camp Knit Glacier Alaska
Glacier Camp - Knik Glacier Alaska
Lake George National Natural Landmark


Green Airboat with Dog and Hat
The glacier is just a wee bit hard to get to, so we'll take this boat upstream to its base area.


airboat Knit River
It's an air boat actually.  The Knik river water runs too fast, too shallow, and besides there's hunks of glacier floating in it to avoid or scoot over.



All aboard!  Let's get some air!
cabing and controls of airboat

glacier melt in Knit river
The water is moving rather quickly.  Here we have large chunks of 1000 year old ice floating by along with the occasional not-so-old log.



We made it though.  A nice 10 mile trek upriver to the middle of nowhere.  And nowhere has a lot of cool ice!  A lot of ice melting to be more precise (see: http://www.climatecrisis.net)

Let's leave the boat and head to camp.


Ahh... Glacier Camp.  Crazy things these glaciers.  They're cold you know.  And very old.  Let's get some rest and check all this out in the morning.

Glacier Camping with Fire


Chugach Mountain Range
Wow, the Chugach Mountains right up to the glacier's edge.  Let's head down to the river.



River Flood Plain

This whole river/glacier plateu is setup to hold a lot of water.  This is a nice flat area next to the river in one of the calmer times of the year.

Note the fast flow of the river



knit glacier with mountains alaska
Too bad all this is melting away because of global warming.  We doubt it will return soon.

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