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The Great Wall of China
Our mission is to conquer China with our GIANT AZooNY hat. But first we need a plan.


Map to Simatai Great Wall
Our mission map. Oh crap, does anyone read Chinese? This could be trouble.



Chineese language sign
Double crap, this isn't any better. We think it says "To the wall young hat. For there you will find riches and how to conquer the world" (the Eastern world at least)



Access to the Great Wall - Gondola
Step one, we must get up there. GIANT HAT! Up, Up and away!!!


top of Jinshanling
Thank goodness for gondolas. Now where is that silly wall?

Old Brick Wall Work
Do you know what it's like to just get up the mountains to these walls? The Mongols or whoever attacks must be mountain climbers.



Great Wall Window View
Let's sneak in through the window just like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood..



Mountain Ridge Great Wall Construction
Made it!


Distance Great Wall Run
"I proclaim this and all yonder in the name of the GIANT AZooNY.com hat".




Great Wall Tourist Stop
Yikes!  Bigger hats than ours!  No one said anything about this. LET'S GET THE HAT OUT OF HERE!!.


Great Wall Steep Grade
Our quickest escape... down these steps.



Great Wall Mountain ledge
Now around this bend and up over this mountain.

Paragliding Ropeway Return
Here it is, our way out. (one WaY)... Perfect.


Safety Test Seal of Approval
Oh thanks goodness. Satiety first but why do they have to tell us this?


Roadway Platform
Say what?  Could we just gondola down?


Great Wall Damn Crossing
You've got to be kidding me. RETREAT!!!  Safety permit or not.

Brick Yard Supplies
Maybe we should just build our own wall.... :-)

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