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Hartford, Connecticut



Connecticut State Capital
Hartford is a quiet city that emotes a sense of peace and calm. They don't seem to skimp on costs when they build something, and it shows in the quality of architecture in the city.


travelers insurance umbrellared umbrella
A couple of well known companies call (or used to call) Hartford home. Some of them use big red umbrellas :-)






Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
This is the art piece outside of Hartford's downtown art museum (Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art).



The use of stone for "people areas" rivals that of stone used in great European cities.

One of the coolest things Hartford has done is to use stone in some way for practically all downtown streets. It's truly elegant and adds a sublime sophistication to the ambiance of the city. And if you're a Hartford city planner.... we noticed.

brick and marble street marble bricks in street
Marble bricks, how cool.


granite street curbsgranite curb install
Granite curb installation in process.




Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Arch
The Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Arch at Bushnell Park. You don't see too many of these in the States.
Bushnell Park Fountain




French River Park
The Hartford Riverfront Recapture project is crafting beautiful park areas on the banks of the French River.




A little Gillian action on the bow. "I found this darn hat up here".





Jazz Fest out at the park
It's balloon day at the park. Everyone wants to get in the action.







Hartford at night. The Mortensen Riverfront Plaza area.




Erected in 1899 and presented by John Corning (Corning Glass Works of New York) as a tribute to his father who was a Hartford businessman and operated a grist mill on the site. Not much inside the station these days but it has great potential as a world class space.






Anceient Cemetary in Hartford ConnecticutThis is one old cemetery. View old tombstones at the ancient cemetery at Center Church. There are some funky table like crypts with no explanation or clues as to how they might of been used.

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