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Cleveland Ingenuity Fest
Cleveland's new Ingenuity Art and Technology Festival

A new and first ever major arts and technology festival was held this year in Cleveland.  Pretty much every major art institution was represented, including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland Modern Art Museum, and scores more from Cleveland State University to the Red Orchestra.



The Cleveland Chamber Symphony
Members of the Cleveland Chamber Symphony
We counted over a dozen performance spots, including this one in Tower City.



Street Festival Enginuity
Spanning a few city blocks the arts festival was a smashing success with over 70,000 attendees (and one art inclined hat) (2005).




Playhouse Square Marquee
Ingenuity on the big Playhouse Square Theater marquee (2007)

Festival co-founder Thomas Mulready (of CoolCleveland fame).

"Excuse me I have to get this hat to the authorities".

Thomas Mulready and Ingenutiy




root top bar
View from the Roof Top Bar (2008)




Red Balloons
Red Balloons by Jenny Marketou (2008)
street ornaments
All Go Alley (2008)


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