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Jackson Hole and
the Grand Tetons

Cowboys, elk, skiing and national parks.  Okay what else does one need?  Here's the center of town at Jackson Hole Wyoming.  Seems there's so many elk with their detachable antlers that they have built structures out of them.

Jackson Hole Wyoming

Museum of Wildlife Art Jackson Hole is home to many things, including the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  Way cool building and grounds.  Across the street is the National Museum of Elk, or so it seems (10,000 or so elk live in the Jackson Hole National Antelope bureau for lost deer...)

Grand Teton Mountain National Park

But this is what the area is all about as this IS the Grand Teton, or rather Grand Teton Mountain.  Didn't know the park was named after a specific outcrop but here it is, center stage.

AZooNY would like to spend more time in amongst the Teton mountain range.  There are plenty of trails, but a bit aggresive as you must go steeply up... and then down..


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