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Kitt Peak Observatory
and Hats

Stars and artists are somehow linked in an un-explainable manner.  And here at the Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona AZooNY gathers creative forces and contemplates our small existence in the big world around us.

Kitt Peak Radio Antenna
Looking for long lost AZooNY relatives in all the right places...
kill peak observatory association of universities
A nice collection of schools.  We bet arranging who pays for the holiday party is a bear!

Kitt Peak Mountain Observatories
One can see farther from this vantage point than anyone should normally be able to see.

Large Telescope Mirror The main telescope at Kit Peak is the Mayall, a 4 meter giant.  A Cassegrain type scope, which means the main mirror focus images of AZooNY's hat into a smaller mirror, which reflects it back and through a hole in the center of the main mirror.  Now why all the detail?  Because that "hole" in the main mirror is this donut center-like object in the photo.

Yes, it's a bigg'n hunk of glass.




Ritchey Chretien 20 inch

Here's the RC Optical Ritchey Chretien scope resting before a big night, hat at the controls. The hat kept slewing the scope to view passing heads... what's up with that?

Ritchey Chretien RC
f8.4 RC Optical Systems telescope on a Paramount ME mount. Takahashi FSQ 106 on top. Black 12345 AZooNY hat below.

Case Western Reserve Astronomy

Case Western Warner Swasey Observatory

The unique Burrell Schmidt telescope hidden here behind the hat.

KPNO view
Sunset view from the mountain top



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