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Lassen Volcanic National Park

Shhh...!  Located in upstate California, Lassen National Park is very much in the middle of nowhere, and we are glad it is.  It's a national park where a majority of the roads leading into it are still gravel.  Let's hope the park service keeps their "progressive" hands off of it for a while and keeps it this way.  American parks like this are getting harder and harder to find.


Lassen National Park




Lassen National Volcanic Park Snow Gauge

Bear Box
An AZooNY Hat Bear Box

They do see a bit of the white stuff here.

Lassen Volcanic Park





Lassen Hot Springs
Hot gas of Devils Kitchen
The park's title implies that it is a"volcanic" park. Well, the name is correct as this truely is a volcanic national park... and here's the smoke without mirrors to prove it.






  Devil's Kitchen Devil's Kitchen hot springs and other volcanic stuff on a beautiful spring day.






This is Lassen Peak in the background. Though it doesn't look that high in this 2D photograph, its peak is over 10,000 feet above sea level.

The hat had to go, so we dug the restsrooms out.






Visit the official Lassen National Park Site


AZoony Hat Lake left.

AZooNY HAT Lake!!!

Cool!  Finally some AZooNY hat respect.  There's an AZooNY hat mountain too, but we didn't have time to check it out and it's much harder to get it to pose anyway.



AZooNY Hat Lake right.

AZooNY Hat Lake top.

AZooNY Hat Lake back.

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Pine Cones
Don't you hate it when you drop your pine cones year after year, but they just never seem to grow? (location, location, location...)






Volcanic Rock Pile
Hey no!  Dump that load in the backyard not the front!





Spruce Bark
Have you seen my bark?




Cinder Cone Mountain
See what looks like a mountain in the background?

A Large Cinder Cone
Well it is.  The ants on the winding trail are people.

Cinder Cone

500 feet up
an old volcano cinder cone

Lassen Cinder Cone Hill Trail
Kinda like climbing out of the Grand Canyon.  Up we go in loose gravel but without switchbacks.


Snow and Cinders
Cinder Cone's back.  How can it be so hot with snow around?



Cinder Cone Vortex
Here's what's on top.  We won't tell you what's at the bottom of the cone.




View from Cindercone
The northwestern quandrant from Cinder Cone.




Snow Covered Trail
Nothing like a Spring hike to make you appreciate mother nature's power.  All this snow must of been a bit more menacing a few months ago.

Forest Fire Fuel
Lassen Park has no shortage of dead wood or "fire fuel" on the forest floor.  It's a problem no doubt, as it is all just sitting there waiting to be consumed by fire.

Unfortunely, the park and especially the surrounding Lassen National Forest (BLM land), is being "thined" at an alarming rate.  We hope they know what they are doing.  Seems a sin to cut down 300 year old trees in the name of progress.


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