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Long Beach

A visitor from the East might think this is just another part of Los Angeles. Not true!


Long Beach Aquarium Fountain

Long Beach Aquarium Fountain

A way cool fountain that mimics ocean waves both crashing into the shore and also simulates the beach back flow of water into the ocean.

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Long Beach Lighthouse

The Lions Club's Lighthouse for Sight. Interesting in that it is a relatively new structure. It's location though, right by the Long Beach Port operations, seems very natural. AZooNY was drawn to the changing LED light show that is magically synchronized with other lights throughout the shoreline area.


Port of LA Glow





Hmmm. what's up with this place? Seems to be owned or at least run by the covention folks. Is it really a performing arts center or just a marketing gimmick? The only online pages for it seem to be here
Long Beach Performance Arts Center



Water Department Hathole L.B. Water Dept?
London Bridge?
Light Blue?
Light Bomber?
Little Bike?
Lost Betty?
Larry Baker?
Lotta Bourbon?
Lake Butler?
Lousy Bassoon?
Little Bubba?




Pike Amusement Park Bridge
This is the funky bridge at West Shoreline Drive and Aquarium Way. It's supposed to represent a roller coaster from the now gone Pike Amusement Park. It's quite nice though poeple don't seem to use it as a bridge.


Long Beach Harbor Ahh, the life of a hat on the ocean.





Flags at night are from the annual Long Beach Boat Show. Boat Show in Water at Night Nice to have a boat show that actually has boats in the water instead of on land in a convention center.






"I salute you with a hat on my head". Oh well that isn't really a salute. "I salute you with my hand on my head with a hat on top". Shorline Boardwalk at Night






The Duke Paddleboat
Long Beach - Come on down and sit a spell. Maybe we'll catch Duke (the paddleboat in the picture).

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