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luray cavern rock organ underground

Luray Caverns
Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

Crazy place for an organ, 300 feet under the ground.  On second thought, depending on what comes out of the organ, maybe this is a good spot for it...

This one though is keyed for stone.  Literally hooked right to the rocks to produce it's sound.  Some people have too much time on their hands.



Dark Rock Cavern

In the Luray Caverns, one thing is clear - you're under there.  Yep. under-dee-ground alright.  Wonder what it's like without any lights.  Would there still be a cavern?  Deep thoughts...

underground darkness




stalagmite underground in cave Of course we have to show some of the cool stalactites and stalagmites or we wouldn't be covering this cavern very well, so to speak (not that the hat is covering anything that we shouldn't speak about).




reflecting underground lake
Reflective Pool
The obligatory "AZooNY Hat reflective pool shot".  It is quite amazing to gaze into the water only to see the ceiling, but you don't know that at first glance. Only with a detail examination of the situation using advanced math and other intelligent assets can you discern it's a reflective pool and not a mere look into someplace deeper.




  Clever, artsy hats can get in the darnest of places. cave helment not so safe




Mammoth Cave Rocks with Hat
If you travel to the Shenandoah Valley.  Check this place out!  It's fun in the land down under:-)

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