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Multi-legged Robot with Hat


This creepy crawler six-legged robot incorporates neuromechanical principles of locomotion.  What does that mean?  Think giant mechanical cockroach.  Wouldn't it be cool to hook paint brushes to all the legs and let him go at it?

This guy lives at Case Western University in Ohio.

Pulse Detonation Engine

AZooNY Pulse Detonation Propulsion

We here at AZooNY like to "getty-up and go" really fast and what better way to do that than with your very own pulse detonation engine.  What is pulse detonation you ask?  Well, we're not quite sure ourselves, but it looks really cool.  This one is adapted from a car engine no less.  Only in America..

Cluster Computing Machine

Display art as fast as possible with this custom built 128 node rack mounted distributed computing machine.  Complete with Myranet high speed networking and 4 terabytes of online storage.  The floor is wet from a leak in the internal cooling, watch your step.

Distributed Computing with PC's



Robot Machine with Flipper Feet

Robot Rug Rat

To see this guy in action is quite fun.  Unfortunately, we covered it's eyes with our hat so that added to the excitement...

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