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The Road to Mount Hood
Mount Hood - A 11,240 foot monster located near Portland Oregon. Every major city should have one of these nearby.




Mount Hood parking
As we can see Mount Hood is really not that big after all. Heck, we could practically fling the AZooNY Hat to the top.



Historic Timberline Lodge
Located near the top of Mount Hood is the historic Timerline Lodge.



Timberline Ski AreaThe Timberline ski operation is open all year round. Check current conditions here (in the summer the conditions say "rocks and pebbles":-))



snow report Timberline Lodge
This is a good shot of vehicles waiting for their rooms to be ready:-)



Protective Snow Entrance
The Lodge was confronted with a problem. When it snows, how do they open the entrance door? So very ingeniously this anti-snow drift, projective entrance canopy was crafted. It's also a good place to camp-out if no rooms are available at the Inn:-)





Timberline Lodge Fireplace
All great and historic lodges have large fireplaces. It's a historic requirement and Timberline Lodge is no exception with a few large fireplaces scattered throughout the place.

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