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Petrified Forest National Park

The Petrified Forest National Park is actually two parks, one featuring petrified remnants of a long lost forest, and the other of the painted desert (as seen above).



Okay, let's visit and see what we have here.  You would never know anything of interest lies ahead by the landscape at the entrance to the park.




The first thing to note is there isn't a ton of petrified wood here.  Much of it is buried still under the desert and still much more was long removed by human hands.  Pictured above are examples of what we call "positive" petrified wood (and we just made that up:-))



And this of course, would be an example of "negative" petrified wood.  Also a hat house of sorts, which is an important point to make.  When searching out safe havens for your hat, consider a positive petrified log.

Ahh, we'd like to turn ourselves in.... stop that man he stole my hat!


A petrified hat stand.  This petrified stuff comes in so handy.

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