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The Palace Theater


Playhouse Square, Cleveland Ohio

Just one of many theaters clumped together in Cleveland's Theater district.

Palace Theater Playhouse Square Cleveland Ohio - Ghost Light The ghost light on stage at the Palace.


The Playhouse Square Palace Theater is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Palace Theatre Seating
The Palace has a seating capacity of 2,714. Interesting fact -: like many theaters in it's day, the lighting in the Palace was all DC based instead of AC. The use of DC powered lighting lingered on into the 1980's until it was upgraded to modern standards. There are electrifying stories of folks plugging modern or AC powered video cameras into the old DC powered wall sockets.

The Palace Theater opened on November 6th, 1922 as a vaudeville style complex. Originally name "Keither's Palace Theater (it's in the Keithly Building), it was crafted in the French Renaissance style by the architectural firm Rapp and Rapp.

In November of 1987 restoration began on the theater by the Playhouse Square Foundation. It was one of the final pegs that now make up the Cleveland's "Playhouse Square District".

Playhouse Square manages 5 great theatres. The State, Ohio, Allen, Hanna, and the Palace. There are also smaller spaces including the 14th Street Theatre and Kennedy's.




As motion pictures began to replace vaudeville acts, the Palace layout was changed slightly to be more functional as a movie house.




The Projection Booth

Ever wanted to look inside an old theater projection booth?

Projection Window of Stage
View of the Palace stage from the movie projection booth windows.

Old Time Cinima or Movie Projectors
Cool old Kinoton Type FP23 35mm projector.

Up the stairs and into the room!



Here are a few other areas that most don't see.

The dressing rooms...

Palace Dressing Room 404

Palace Theater Dressing Room 404
Here's the Connecticut Dressing Room

Dressing Room Window View
Another dressing room window looking out over Manhattan (okay, maybe not but it kinda looks like it:-))



Back Stage...

Backstage Palace Theater
AZooNY hat preparing for performance. The stage opening is 53' 8" wide by 26' 9" high. Of the Playhouse Theaters, the Palace stage is on the shallow side at 38' 10".


The loading dock...

Theater Loading Dock
A sign just in case you were loading into the wrong theatre:-).

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