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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh worker hats
What better way to start off the Pittsburgh hat-visit than with a collection of work hats... as the hard working sectort is what chiefly makes up the heritage of this fine city.

pittsburgh pirates baseball
The ballpark from the 6th Street bridge.

Pittsburgh has spent some thought and money into what image they want to present.  The city is a true class act and perhaps one of the midwest's best kept secrets.


national league stadium
Pittsburgh Pirate's PNC baseball stadium.

Andy Warhol Museum

andy warhol museum
Like flowers man, can you dig it?

Actually they have the Andy Warhol Museum.  How did Pittsburgh end up with this dyno stuff?

Balloons filled with helium and compressed air each day.  Yes, you can go in and interact with them:-)




What's dis?

Nuclear rods?  Giant erector set?  A pliers test-bed from hell?

Actually they are the cable stays for the Pittsburgh Convention Center.  Got to say this is one of the coolest convention centers ever invented.  If you loosen one of those nuts though, the whole thing falls in...

pittsburgh david lawrence convention center




pittsburgh nights station square
Station Square... A place with a lot of potential and great views and a killer old train station...  They need a better way to get people there perhaps, as it appears underutilized (a nice way of saying not may people hang out there).


theater square art Pittsburgh's Theater Square district.  Odd things there, rock piles with eyes, HVAC tubing with no outlets.  Good hat stuff. pittsburgh theater district




pittsburgh public art
By and by a nicely done downtown.


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