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Portland Oregon

CPA Pacific Wheat Terminal

pioneer square statue in rain
It never (always) rains in Portland Oregon. As the song goes "The girls only warn ya".


Pipe train crossing Willamette River

A Union Pacific train on the lower level of the Portland Steel Bridge. Now this is cool, walking right along the bridge's lower level with the freight trains on one side and the Willamette River on the other.


Portland International Food Stands
Restaurant Row:-) Actually there is a number of these downtown dinning strips. Most of these colorful food stands offer an international flare.


Lining up for the IEEE SuperComputing conference. AZooNY attends this conference to learn new technologies for the speedy delivery of hat adventure pages.

The Portland Center for the Performing Arts

Ahh. The Oregon Symphony plays here..




Schnitzer Box Office
The Portland Center for the Performing Arts (PCPA) is one of the top 10 performing arts centers in the nation. It's a pretty neat complex consisting of multiple theater and connecting spaces.

Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Stage Left Newmark Theater Blur

Two of the cooler performance venues are the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall (above left) and the Newmark Theatre (right). The Arlene has that classic 1920's style that somewhat resembles Cleveland's State Theater. The Newmark is more in the style of a European Opera house with multilevel seating that puts the audience very close to the performance stage.

The Arlene lobby is quite cool. Why can't we build classic and timeless things like this anymore?
arlene theater lobby
Hat on a Pole


Gold Throne

Psss. No really. Have a seat.



Siver Fireplace Insert
Silver plated figurines welcoming all to the fire. Way cool.



Bike riding is everywhere in Portland. It's also the best way to out run the stationary deer.




Portland Funky Budda
A funky Buddha at Pioneer Square. He looks kinda sad (or angry).



China exhibit Portand Art Museum    
    South Park Portland
  Portland Art Museum Square  

What a great park, South Park to be exact, that frames a cultural district somewhat centered on the Portland Art Museum.

coblestone rail pavement
Rock walled parking garage entrance
The "build of the city" is quite impressive with cobblestone, bricks, gannet, and rocks. The public spaces are truly nicely done. Quite over the top is a stoned entrance to a underground parking garage. Now that's a classic look for all times:-)


Downtown Portland is somewhat crisscrossed by a light rail system (TriMet) that actually takes you somewhere you might actually want to go. A rare feat for many light rail systems.-)



Powell's Bookstore

Truly one of coolest places on the planet! Powell's Books encompasses many floors of many interconnected buildings in downtown Portland. It's worth visiting Portland just to visit it.

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