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Charles Bridge of the river Vltava, Praha
Prague Charles Bridge from downtown

From western eyes it's fascinating to drive around the Czech Republic, particularly in the county side, and witness the proud and well-kept towns and small villages.

But here AZooNY visits a most colorful and very large Czech city, Praha, known mostly throughout the world as "Prague". 


Art and tourists on Charles Bridge

Art on the Charles bridge.

A stroll across the Charles bridge is a most international and colorful of walks, with many tourists from scattered nationalities. You know, you just can't go wrong with a 1400 era bridge across a major river with a major view of a major city.  Try as they might, the world's theme parks will never duplicate this kind of real-world experience :-)

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Rag-time on the bridge
Fun with Czech Metro's.
Who can't resist these overhead powered red Soviet-era monsters?
Praha, Metro Train
On a street near Old Town


Saint Vitus Church Prague, Czech Republic
Churches have always held the power.  And the massive Saint Vitus Cathedral is no slouch in this area!

Prague Czechoslovakia
View from the path leading down from Saint Vitus Cathedral
Ahhh... Give us red clay roofs and we'll show you a city built to last.  No lack of them here.  Pity the North America for it's throw-away, 25 year asphalt house toppings.  These baby's are build to last!
For travel and general Prague info see: pragueexperience.com

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