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Reno Gambling Casino
Main entrance to Reno's casino strip


The "Biggest Little City in the World"!  Whether it is or it isn't there is a lot to talk about.  At a tenth or twentieth the size of Vegas, it does put on a good show.  And it's the real thing too, with a rich western history of just about everything "western" you can imagine. Lots of lights at night downtown.



At Circus Circus, while the game keepers looks the other way, AZooNY plays :-).  Hit the Hat, win a chicken.




Natural Reno Sights
Not all of Reno is best viewed at night...  Top: Whitewater Park on the Truckee;  Left: Fountains at the El Dorado Casino;  Right: A big little town sign.



Gambling Artists Odds
Quite the street marques.  The Golden Phoenix Casino.  AZooNY likes the way it reflects of the train tracks.





Nevada Art Museum


cityscape art
An outside artwork at the Nevada Museum of Art (left).  Not sure what's up with it.  It's like a giant rock karin pointing the way.  It's like.. rocks...  At right is more outside art, near the downtown Truckee Whitewater Park.  A way cool means to brighten up the place and tie the buildings into the park.


Reno Gambling Casino
The Truckee River runs unobstructed through downtown Reno. This view is just before it enters downtown.

River Walk
Reno has made great strides in crafting a riverwalk along the Truckee River in downtown.


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Truckee River Boat Access
Truckee River Recreational Access
Way Cool a boater warning :-)

The backgroud image is looking out and over the Union Pacific train tracks downtown, viewed from West 3rd Street (the tracks have since been moved below road grade).

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