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Rockefeller Park and Cultural Gardens

Rockefeller Park
The Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Cleveland, Ohio USA

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Rockefeller Park in Cleveland is home to the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.  28 nationalities (or so) have gardens.  It's one of the best kept and cool underground entities in the Cleveland area.

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Lithuanian art garden

Lithuanian Cultural Garden


Lithuanian cultural garden fountain

One of the striking observations about all of these gardens is how many of them have fountains... that work!

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Many, like the Slovenian, have statues or the remembrance of statues that once stood.  Not that the gardens are run down by any means...  If anything, they suffer from a lack of people visiting them.

Slovenian Flower Garden
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Polish Polish Art in Cleveland

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  walking downhill What's fun is to park your car on East 72nd street and walk/hike the area.  You can bike there also, but walking will give you the best opportunity for exploration of the many nooks and crannies that abound.
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Polish water fountain
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Italian Garden Sign


The Italian garden area is very large, and very well done with two major fountains.

Italian Fountain
  Italian Bowl Water Fountain
Italy Stonework
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Hungarian International

Hungarian Water on Bricks
AZooNY's favorite watering hole...
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Ukrainian Garden

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German German Garden

Marble Statue

ukrainian poet
Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko ponders the world from AZooNY hat's point of view.

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German Statue

Russian Garden


Why it's spelled this way, we have no idea.  Lot's of yellow flowers though, that's for sure...



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British Cultural Garden
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British Garden
A beautiful British Day at the Park... Oh, except it's in Ohio and accross the pond fromt he real place:-).
British Sign
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Shakespeare Stone
Shakespeare would be so proud. He probably never had a hat like this one :-)
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Chinese Cultural Garden

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  eastern europe
Exploring the gardens is somewhat like an architectural hunt. You'll uncover many treasures long forgotten. Paths that few tack, steps leading to mysterious things, and a bit of vandalism that has occurred to some.

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Azerbaijan Garden
Azerbaijan Cultural Garden

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Latvia Garden  

Rock Carving
Latvian Cultural Garden

Cool rock carvings at Latavia.

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Coming soon, the African American Cultural Garden

Greek Cultural Garden FountainGreek Fountain
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Want to help?  Send money and/or join the Cleveland Cultural Gardens Federation.  Here's a form.




Greek Garden
Greek Cultural Garden

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