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Safeco Field Visitor Clubhouse

Safeco Field

AZooNY verses the Seattle Mariners.  Way cool, the game we all have been waiting for.  Well let's "Play Ball!".


Safeco Field at Night

As you can see, the fans have packed the place for this major interleague art-hat rivalry.




Stay off the Grass
Darn it, our game plan out in the open for all to see.  And we thought the sign was such a good idea.



Baseball Dugout
Uh-oh, this is for real.  Maybe this challenge wasn't such a good idea.

Bullpen Phone Hotline
Pen, Pen!  Bring your bull over and get us the heck out of here!

Bat Box 
Whoa--- Bats.  What do we do with those?!

Press Box Phone
Houston, Houston, we have a problem.  Have bitten off more than we can chew.  Call the press box.  Call New Era for garsh sakes.  Do something!

Visitor Dressing Room
Too late .  Caught.  And strung up in the locker room...

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