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And now, in this corner:


Let's meet the players, shall we?


Bette Boop
Oooo!  Don't forget to throw your stuff in the trash..  Boo-boop, dee do.

Big Chicken
The chicken terminalor.  What's up with this?  Like yeah... let's make a giant chicken.  Everybody likes chickens...

Haunted House Daemon
Relax dude, like lose your attitude..  It's killing you.

Budweiser Man
I am Bud Man.

Carousel Man
What's with the height hang up?  Geeze!

Clown Man
"You must be this tall to sit with me..."


Casino Pier Amusement Park - fun wth mirrors:-)
The water swallows us whole..
Fun place this Seaside.  Can see NYC on a clear day too.
Seaside Heights Beach and Boardwalk



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