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Seattle Washington
Seattle City at Night
Seattle at night from the Space Needle.

So much to do and see, so little time.  Well, here we go!

Getting there...
trolley at seattle harbor
The waterfront trolley is a good place to start.  It costs like a buck so, quite the deal.  But then again it really doesn't go anywhere so maybe the price is right:-).

Harbor Street Pi
Hey look it's a giant mathmatical "pi"!  Nice that Seattle is so science focused.  Unrelated, did you know that there are well over 200 Starbucks coffee shops in town?  Perhaps this is why the city is very much on the move.


Pike Place Market
A requirement when in Seatle is to hit the Pike Place Market near the waterfront.  Water.. ah yes and it's raining.  How odd for Seattle.


Art in the City

Seattle has an "Art in the City" project.  A nice art museum too.
Art on Buildings

How would you like to snake this one out when it gets clogged?
Art in Music

Hmmm..... bright lights from the mixing room balcony at the Experience Music Project main stage.


The buzzing ball!  Gameworks actually.  Nice to see a gamming place getting into ion fields.

Fifth Avenue Theatre
Like a moth drawn to bright lights, our hat couldn't resist the entrance to the 5th Avenue Theater.


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Ahhh Seattle.
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