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Water Fountain Dolls

Sedona Arizona

What a cool place for artists and people who like the great outdoors...  And those too who like fountains with dolls on them....

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Sedona is one of the top art hotspots inthe United States.  At least in a spiritual, red-rock kind of way...


Sedona Statue at Arts Central
Sednona Arts Center











Blue Sky with Green
Trail Indentifier Boulders Sedona Desert Wood
The National Park trails around Sedona have these curious trash bins for rocks.  Admittedly, rock trash collecting is a bit extreme, especially in a place with a million-billion rocks.  But hey, if it's for the good of the environment we are all for it.

Trail Map Markers
West Fork Trail

Everyone loves a carin. Everyone loves to make a carin.
Sedona Hikes Resource
Sedona's natural resources are well protected. Not solidly as this tree branch demonstrates, but the good intention is there.

The Honanki Indian RuinsIndian Ruins Red Clay

AZooNY jeep tours motors out to the Honanki ruins.  Kinda makes you wonder if some klan from the 1960's made them just for us to re-discover.
Sedona Art and Artwork
And of course Sedona has plenty of ART!!  There is no lack of it around town.

Sedona Hikes Red Rock
Bear Mountain Trail Head

Hiking Trail
Bear Mountain Trail - It is a bear too... 2.8 miles up 1800 feet of elevation (don't loose the trail).

Sedona Bear Mountain Vista
Here's the Sedona redrock valley as viewed from a mountain top near the Bear mountain sumit (we lost the trail:-)).




vanella bean tree
If you see one of these ponderosa pines out west, stick your nose to the bark.  Pure vanilla.  (and don't be surprised if you start a hiking day, tree sniffing fad)

Red Rock Canyon
The narrows at the end of West Fork Trail in Oak Canyon




Slide Rock Natural Water Park  

Slide Rock State Park

Just some crazy hat fun

Slide Rock State Park
Slide Rock'snatural water park features plenty of red slick rock!



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