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One of the many pastures at Sueño Azul. The long dormant Barva volcano is the distant hill in the background.

Sueño Azul

Hotel Hacienda and Spa
Sarapiqul', Costa Rica


Welcome to Sueño Azul Hotel & Spa located at Horquetas of Sarapiqui, Costa Rico. Quite the place with the resort residing on an ever increasing 2,000-acre private nature reserve where the Sardinal and Puerto Viejo rivers meet.




First we need to get there. It's a bit of a ride from San Jose but well worth the effort.

Costa Rica Road, resort
Almost there just need to...


Costa Rico, bridge, river, single lane, green, cable
...cross this bridge..

tiki torch, rain forest, grass awning
Made it. And now it's teakii time!
This resort is well grounded to the nature and land (and hats) around it.


Let's go for a walk about the place.

barb wire fence, access, border crossing
Cutting through this fence and.... "Welcome to Nicaragua!"
(just kidding of course)




Rain Forest control, access, deliniation
This is what a Costa Rican park delineation sign looks like:-). This resort is next to the Braulio Carrillo National Park, the largest protected rain forest in Costa Rica.

Rosta Rican Road, dirt, red, horse
A Tico (Costa Rican native) with a colt in tow. 






Super Royka, grocery store, horse, town, village
The grocery store in the nearby town of Sarapiqui.






carneiceria horquetas, horse
Really now, don't be shy. You must ride us back.



pool at night, grass roof
It is with luck that in certain times of the year it doesn't rain as much. Even though we are located near the rain forests. Go figure.





Rain Forest Ziplining through the Canopy

Zip Line, Canopy, treetops, forest roof
Up,up and away and into the tree tops!


zipline gear, ropes, buckles
First we need some gear.


canopy access, platform
Steps, way cool. Wondered how we were going to get up there :-)


zip-line, cable, sail, flying, noise
Fly! Fly! Through the tree tops! Watch your hat doesn't take independent flight:-)


cascades, water, rain
The cascades are relatively dry. No doubt it can really get cranked up with water in the rainy season.
rain forest footing aid
In a rain forest, how do you keep your footing on decks and such? Why, you put screening on them of course. It's interesting that in other parts of the world ice might be of similar concern.





rain forest performane stage
If you are on a stage.
In the middle of the woods.
And no one is around.
Would you need a hat?


Jungle Tour Time!

exporing jeep, truck, vehicle, green
We need to get deep into the rain forest for the best view of the critters



lizard on tree branch
A "gizzard"!



gecko on rock
And one on the ground.




giant anthill, ant hill
This is a GIANT Ant Hill.

Ants at work




walking tree, rain forest
Walking Trees. They say they do actually move, though they are not much fun to watch in the process of doing so.



bat tree
A real life "Bat Cave" :-)
bat tree housing, hanging bats




hanging bird nests
Favorite birds, the Oropendolas. Very large and vocal critters who build these hanging colonies up in trees. Oropendolas nests, costa ricaClick to here his amazing bird Cleveland Music




rain forest art plant with hat



resort on lake, costa rica
The back of some of the Azul Sueno suites overlooking one of 3 lakes.






river converge, met, swing bridge, cable bridge
Two grand waters meet here, the Sardinal and Puerto Viejo Rivers. Single lane cable bridges are quite common for all sorts of vehicle traffic, though this one is just for foot traffic.
cable bridge, pedestrian



horse barn
Over 200 horses here. And this is where they hang out before being taken out.



Respect for all



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