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Tampa Bay Florida Beach Tale
Tampa Florida - AZooNY Hat Trails - "Fun with Buoy" Part I :-)

Low Tide Sand
Here's an idea... let's sail our little blue boat out to the buoy in the upper right corner here, and put a hat on it..  We'll have to wait for more water first though, of course..




Gulf Beach Boats
On second thought, maybe using a bigger boat would be easier than getting more ocean water...



channel buoy golf
We also need a girl to install the hat.  She definetely wouldn't fit in the original boat, so good thing we changed the plan..



Buoy Marks Channel
Wella..  Hat on buoy!

Clearwater Beach Florida
What a great idea that would work for just about any cool natural wonder.  Hey, if folks limit urban sprawl because of this argument, we're all for it.


Lot's of sun, water, and people.

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