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tennessee valley railroad
Steam man!  For the artist in all of us.  Steam is what we are all about, we just don't realize it.

tennessee valley railroad roundhouse
AZooNY in the Round
Tennessee Valley Railroad.  The largest operating historic railroad in the south! (and it looks like it too).




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Feather River Canyon Union Pacific Tresstle

The Y trestle at Feather River Canyon

A most cool AZooNY train spot in the mountains of California near the city of Keddie.  In the distance was a Union Pacific mixed load waiting for clearance.  We were not sure if the hat also had clearance, so we did not stick around for it's trestle crossing.  This "Y" trestle goes right into...




UP tunnel 32 California
...Union Pacific Tunnel 32 :-)  Going into the "Y".



Union Pacific Y-trestle
A marvel.  Gotta love the Western USA rail system.  Nor desert, nor river, nor even a hill, could stop the rail from it's designated trail.


Feather River Canyon Union Pacific Tresstle
Alaska is cool too.  Here's 2805 leading out from Anchorage.


UP tunnel 32 California
Part of the LGB train layout at Disney's EPCOT Center.


Kids Train Locomotive
And the Disney Express (Rio Grande) line.

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