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Ahhh Vienna... Our hat stops Vienna-- (or at least at Volksgarten :-))





Just where to start?  There is so much...



The AZooNY hat, on display at the Kunsthistorisches.

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.  With all this valuable art, the windows should really be left shut:-)

Michaelplatz Fountain at the Square
Hats get in the darnest of places.  Here, a fountain at Michaelerplatz.

Lipizzaner Museum
Here horsey, horsey...  Don't think there'd be much tolerance
of this form of art in certain parts of the States.

Vienna Blue Fountain
Don't know what this fountian represents but it sure is blue..

The hat prefers the ring, but sometimes
one must venture underground.


A giant cigarette in the underground.  The hat can put anything out.

Churches like no other...


st peters cathedral
St. Peters or Peterskirche.  A very old church (11th century).

st stevens cathedral
Here's the interior of the great St. Stevens (Stephansdom) Church.  This Cathedreal is forever a city locator for tourists (when in doubt, head for Saint Stevens)..

st. charles cathedral alter
Saint Charles Church.  For a fun trip through this magnificent church's refurbishment process, click here.


Sait Steven's Church
Wow, talk about a cross word puzzle...no thanks...  The roof of St. Stephansdom here.  Nice puzzle job aye?


- Musical arts -



Mozart in Vienna
We wonder if Mozart hat those little people hanging around him.


Vienna State Oper House
Perhaps there should be a hat attack about all of the famous classical composers this city has
produced.  Here is a view at the Vienna State Opera house.


...Fun way up


A Big Riesenrad
Most hats wouldn't be caught dead on this thing...  A Giant Ferris wheel (Riesenrad) in Prater Park built in like 1700 bc or something...


Back to the art museums

Museum row..  So much to choose from...  but we went modern and ventured into the Ludwig Modern Art Museum.


Public spaces?  Are you kidding me?


Belvedere Garden Grounds
The Belvedere party grounds.  They knew what they were doing 300 years ago when they built this thing.  The castle is in the back.

The fountain Hochstrahlbrunnen at Schwarzenbergplatz

 Belevedere Statue
More Belevedere garden grounds.  Giant flying horses.  Sphinxes?  Who could resists?

Saint Steven's Cathedral
Ahhh Vienna...  Our hat stops Vienna--

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