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Everything an Artist needs to know about Vortex's...

Vortex's are focal points of special powers or forces that enble the individual's creative and metaphysical powers to be explored. Sedona Arizona is one such location where vortex forces have been extensively documented.

AZooNY visited these areas, in search of such... well... the force.

Here's a map that was provided by a US Forestry Ranger upon entry to Oak Creek Park.  It's supplied by the government, so it must be accurate.  Note however that it is somewhat cryptic in it's notation.  That's okay, because you will know when you are near a Vortex.  (AZooNY note: It seems all good vortex maps are cryptic by nature).

Vortex Locator Map:

(click on the map for a larger version,
compliments of lovesedona.com )

You'll know when you find a true location of Vortex energy, and don't be thrown off by the massive pilings of rocks or carins at some locations.  Look for a circle, perhaps with twisted trees on its perimeter.

Vortex locations are identified for a reason and are excellent locations for artists to gather their creative juices.

In summary, here is our AZooNY Vortex Artist Tips:

  1. Vortex's are an excellent source of inspiration to artists.
  2. Do not be thrown off by the mass of rock pillings or carins and "feel the force" to find the most inspirational locations.
  3. Vortex maps are hard to read, but our government provides them so they must be accurate.

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