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Zion East Rim Hiking Trail

Zion National Park

Utah, USA



Zion East Rim Hiking Trail

Okay, we're here so let's jump on a park tram and get into the park.


Danger - Cliff
First stop, the cliffs at the Emerald Pools. Slippery sandstone, huh?  Well not too slippery to hold a hat :-)

Emerald Pool CliffThe top of Lower Emerald Pool


Observation Point Trail

The East and Observation Point Trail.  Not too hard of a trail.  Is that all this park's got?



- Angels Landing -

Angels Landing
Okay, here's the trail - up the spine of the ridge.  No problem right?  Looks like a good 5 or
6 foot clearance on each side :-).

Chains on Trail
These chains are here for a reason.

Angel's Landing
Climb!  Up we go now.

Mountain Hike with Rope
More chains, watch your step!

Cliff Edge View
After a 1/2 mile of rock scramble we make it to the top.

Zion Valley View
Nice views :-)
Camp Zion
But don't get too close to the edge!



Hat on Tree
Aw, the darn hat fell for the photo.
Trailhead Lookout
Go fix it Jim, would ya?

Weather at Park
Watch your step there Jim.
Lodging at Zion
While Jim wrestles the lion at the cliff's edge, we'll look for that Starbucks.

National Park Valley View
Now that's better.



Narrows Hiking in Virgin River

Alright, enough of this mountain hiking stuff.  Let's head to the watery canyons of the Narrows.




Narrow Slot Canyon

Well, now that we are in here how do we get out?  And don't you just hate wading through frigid water that is jussssst above your belt?  What's the point of that?

One of the worst things to hear while hiking the Narrows is the roll of a distant thunder storm (there is no way out if the mighty Virgin River decides to flood :-)).




Tigers and Bears Warning

Here kitty, kitty.  Guess we just missed the Mountain Lion Scene.  Darn.



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