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Oldacres Art and Frame

    Hi, my name is Chris & I have been an artist for about 15 years. I specialize mostly in landscapes and seascapes, but my passion is in creating abstracts. An abstract painting is a way for me to express my emotions & feelings on canvas, & the images come to me randomly; sometimes several times within a few weeks, but at times it is months before I come up with a new idea. I do however create paintings & murals for people by request, & have done work for charities, businesses & individuals. I always frame my work, simply because it looks better, & is ready for hanging when purchased. I try to price my artwork modestly, so that the general public can afford it. I often sell my work at a loss, but art is something I enjoy doing & am passionate about, & to me the true payoff is having someone like on of my works enough to want to display it in their home or business. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, thank you for visiting my web page.



Coastal Paradise
by Oldacres Art and Frame

18X24 acrylic on canvas. Beautifully vivid colors, looks almost 3 dimensional; so it feels like you're actually there strolling along the beach. Sure to cheer and warm your heart and soul, this piece might remind you of your favorite warm weather getaway. I spent about 60 hours on this one, and have even won an award for it at a local art show. Like all of my work, this painting comes framed and ready to hang, and the frame alone is valued at over $150; but I know not everyone who wishes to enjoy and own artwork can afford high priced works. So I sacrifice on price so that I know more people can afford to enjoy my artwork.

size: 18H 24W 1D inches
weight: 10 lb quanity: 1


Ray of Hope
by Oldacres Art and Frame

14X18 acrylic on canvas. This piece is a reminder that no matter how bad things may seem, something good will eventually come along. This is an abstract depiction of a soul in trouble, in need of help or salvation. The bright white light streaming down upon this soul is "the light at the end of the tunnel", or ray of hope when all seems to be going wrong with life. Like all of my work, this piece is framed and ready to hang.

size: 18H 14W 1D inches
weight: 10 lb quanity: 1

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